Free Motion Applique – Free design

This post was a long time coming.( I hope you find it helpful Courtney 😉 ) I’ve always loved and enjoyed doing applique. The art of it really is to incorporate it in a way that makes it wearable and beautiful at the same time. The sewing machine applique I knew was the straight stitch kind where it makes it difficult to do curves and even straight line designs you have to let up your sewing foot and down again around corners. With free motion applique it is a smooth process once you get the hang of it.

There are a lot of resources to help if you are not comfortable with drawing. If you do want to draw you can follow my Pinterest drawing board for some inspiration and go ahead and make an inspiration board of your own. You can find mine HERE. Coloring books are another great resource if you are not quite ready to draw your own. Simple things like fruit or flowers and simple animals are great to start with also. My son has always enjoyed drawing and bought a bunch of the “how to draw animals,etc..” books which is another great help to get started. Keep it simple in the beginning and grow on that. I love “Let’s draw Happy People” by sachiko umoto.

Draw or print a design. When sketching I start with pencil so I can erase and when ready go over it with a thin black marker.

MY Start:


After you draw your design the next steps are up to you. You can decide how you want to transfer your design to your fabric. I will find and list as many free resources as I can find to be helpful.

If you are not comfortable drawing you can download mine below

Download it HERE (Image)

Download it HERE(Parts)

My Finished Projects….

DSC_0550 - Copy

DSC_0548 - Copy



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