Sewing for Kindergarten


I haven’t blogged in a while 🙂 The intent is always there but the time escapes me. IG has definitely made it easier to follow and see what my favorite creators are up to so I have become lazy with blogging. Mie from  Sewing Like Mad is probably one of the first bloggers I started following years ago when I started sewing back up again, and was quite honored when she asked me to participate. Mie has this beautiful style and precision in sewing that attracts me to her work – go check out her beautiful work. She also has amazing tutorials.


Mie asked us the following questions – This might get long 🙂 Schooling has been THE topic  that has been taking over my head in the past 5 years for both the kids and definitely the thing that added a few grey hairs. We have only had great experiences in schools we have and are attending but it is the decision making that makes it so hard.

Is this your first time sending a child to Kindergarten? If not, which number child is this?  No, This is my second and last child.
Do you feel like crying or celebrating? And what about your child?Both for me. I knew she would love school and it is great for our relationship. We both grow while she is in school and then when she gets home we love those precious times together and really talk about what she did and experienced. I do worry about her a lot – in a safety kind of way. She is the fearless child that does things that makes you tremble if you think about it, so for her I pray – A LOT.
What kind of school does your child attend? (Public, charter, private or homeschool) Ha , here’s the thing that gave me all the grey hair. She goes to Public and we absolutely love it. When my son went to Kindergarten we had full intention to send him to public school, but a couple of weeks before he should have started I panicked, visited a Classical education Christian school and he attended there, we moved a LOT in the past few years so by Grade 2  I decided to Homeschool, something I thought I would NEVER EVER do, but I did and for the past two years I have loved it for him for the moment. When time came to send Bella – again we looked into all options but there was no reason why I wouldn’t send her to public school. I did have SO many fears because it is our first experience with public school and those first ten days were rough for momma. I decided she will not be riding the bus ( we live 5 minutes from the school but because of the route she would be 1 hour on the bus before she gets dropped off) and on day 2 she got put on the bus – I full on panicked and it was  the longest hour of my life but we were warned that once in a while in the beginning of the year that might happen but there are systems in place that insures the child safety  – and there is and for that I am so grateful. Another lesson learned by me – She got off that bus and she absolutely loved it and has been riding that bus ever since. We love the bus driver, she made friends in the neighborhood on the bus.  I have to say I love, love, love public school , she goes to a wonderful school with loving and caring staff. She also goes to a school with very strict rules in a loving environment – She thrives there .
Question to your kindergartner: What have been the best and the worst part so far?

” PE!…and art….and music…..oh, and story time, Recess….FRY tests so I can get gum and I love the science stuff when we look through a microscope, not the one that you look in the sky, the one that you look in on the table ” 🙂

worst part: ” mmmmmm….. let me think about that…..Lunchtime…. except on Fridays when you give me money for an ice-cream. ”


On to the Kindergarten wardrobe for girl child. I started doing this last year for her for preschool. I try to pick a color scheme and use lots of neutrals and basic patterns so I can mix and match. I went for Blue and yellow and greys and denims this year. Yellow makes me think of Bella – She has this wonderful, brightening personality and you sure know when that girl enters a room. She loves to look “Beautiful “- She loves dresses (the longer the better) but she loves to run and climb and does not sit still. We love the same things so a lot of the things I make for me, she wants too. I love that she still wants to do that so mom sews if Bella says “sew”.


COVER YOUR BUTT Pants is and essential part of our wardrobe – The girl love dresses but she also loves to be upside down so I sewed many of these. It is a perfect use for all those scrap pieces of knit fabric that you have. I use the go-to-leggings pattern and just cut it short like bike shorts.


The pieces I have currently is a great base that I can build on. My favorite knits are european knits from Jumping June textiles. I love double gauze, denims and then my favorites are shwe shwe and Ankara fabrics for wovens. The patterns I use are usually basic ones from designers I adore and then I adjust them to different looks and then some are self drafted. I used the rowan tee and the small fry skinny jeans pattern from Titchy threads – can’t go wrong with any of Laura’s patterns – Love them. The Satya Romper and The Naples dress are both patterns from Jennifer of the  Jennuine design Pattern shop – another designer that you can not go wrong with. I used the romper pattern for both the pants too.


I have a few short sleeve shirts and then a lot of 3/4 sleeves for fall and winter. I am waiting on a denim woven to add a winter coat to this collection. I love to sew rompers in the fall a size up so she can wear a tight fitting long or 3/4 sleeve shirt underneath and by the time summer rolls in next year it fits perfect to wear without a shirt – that way I don’t need to sew a summer and winter wardrobe – we love to layer to keep things simple.


This is her at Open house in her Satya romper meeting her teacher and new classmates…..


This is her yesterday just before school, She couldn’t wait to wear this one. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays they have PE and she wears her favorite nike leggings for that but she assured me that she could run in this and she did – she says the skirt runs so fast 🙂


My favorite dress is the Naples dress from Jennuine design and I used this beautiful Ankara from  Reflektion design ( STUNNING- go check her out). She wore this for Picture day and apparently all the teachers were very jealous .


She was pretty happy to go to her school on a Sunday for some pictures……





” Look Mom, I think Mrs Adams is at school, can we go say Hi?”


Pop on over to Sewing Like Mad and go check out these amazing bloggers as they are sewing for their Kindergarteners.


Till next time………

4 thoughts on “Sewing for Kindergarten

  1. This is FANTASTIC. I love every single thing you have made and I also loved hearing about your experiences with school. I’m so happy that you have found solutions that fit you and your kids’ personalities! Thank you!


  2. I LOVE this entire collection!!! You are so amazing and have the best fabrics. I loved seeing all the sneak peeks, and the final reveal is so exciting. That’s wonderful that you daughter has taken to kindergarten life so well. I am sure she will have a terrific first year!


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