Project Farmer’s Market

Project Farmer’s Market capsule wardrobe collection released in March and what an awesome collection. Have you seen the lookbook yet ? So many ways to mix and match and suitable for a wide age range, appropriate for all seasons by layering and many options for both boys and girls. I sure love a pattern that I can use for both my kids. The idea of a capsule wardrobe is very appealing as it makes it easier to drop and add an item at a time as my kids grow which means I don’t have to sew/replace a whole wardrobe every season.

I was lucky enough to test the Jonagold Jumper as part of the collection and love the versatility it provides. I love a pattern I can modify and the jumper fits the bill quite perfectly. The possibilities are endless. I used the upbeet tee pattern for under the jumper. The unique lines makes it the perfect tee for color blocking . The fit is very comfortable yet still perfect for layering, I appreciate the length of the shirt for underneath the jumper.

I did sew up a few modifications of the jumper and both the tee and jumpers are in heavy rotation right now. I am excited to build on her wardrobe with more pieces from the Project Farmers Market collection

This is the most recent one I made. Found this denim with flower embroidery border and knew this would be the perfect girlie jumper. I like to add dungaree buckles and buttons so we can adjust as she grows and that means we get a couple of seasons out of them.
I used a vintage apple denim for my very first one and let me tell you my girlie has worn this quite a few times. This fabric doesn’t show dirt much so I don’t have to wash it as often which is always a win.
I used eyelets and knots for this version. I love the look but it is harder to get undressed with them for younger kids if they were pants but works perfect when it is the dress version.

You can find the life is better on the farm I designed and used for the shirt –

This is my favorite one and my girl gets so many compliments on it. I modified it by adding pleats to the skirt and embroidered a butterfly on the front piece. The fabric is a light linen and the embroidery holds up so well with washes so don’t be afraid to embroider and wash items you have made.

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