Project Lounge Library

The Fifth Project Run and Play collaboration released just a couple of weeks ago. It is a collection of patterns, designed by a talented group of designers, to create a lounge wardrobe for children everywhere. It is my favorite creative collaberation every semester.

All the designers picked a story and we base our looks off the story. I love so many children’s books but I came back to the book ISH by Peter H Reynolds. It’s about a boy Ramon and his journey from a bad remark from his brother all the way through to him enjoying art again after his sister shows him the world of ish.

Leon burst out laughing.

“What is that?” he asked.

Bella loves comfy and even though I would love to sew all the dresses , she does not like to wear dresses anymore. She likes the idea of them but does not wear them so I chose all the comfy patterns to sew.

I used the following patterns to achieve a our Loungey looks

  • Prose and Poetry Cargo Joggers
  • Biography Bombigan
  • George Hoodie
  • Joseph Joggers
  • Journal Jumpsuit
  • Story top and dress

You can find all the patterns in the Project Run and Play SHOP

Leon’s laughter haunted Ramon.

He kept trying to make his

drawings look “right,”

but they never did.

Every piece is very comfortable…….
I made all the pieces so she can interchange them so it’s built into a nice wardrobe and we can continue building as we need
the jacket is made with organic sweatshirt fleece and I made a star stencil with freezer paper on the cricut, ironed it on and sprayed with bleach water solution to create the stars.
the image on the back was designed by Bella herself and we cut it out of gold vinyl.

After many months and many

crumpled sheets of paper,

Ramon put his pencil down.

“I’m done.”

He was about to yell

but fell silent when

he saw his sisters’ walls….

He stared at the crumpled gallery.

” That was supposed to be a vase of flowers, “Ramon said,

“but it doesn’t look like one”


“They do look……ISH,” he said.

Ramon realized he could draw ish feelings too.




My Friends know ish is one of my favorite words. I use it often . I would much rather live up to my own perfect ish than the world’s “right” . The book, ISH is a great tool in guiding children through frustration on getting things “right”.

Go Look at the wonderful Project Run and Play LOUNGE LIBRARY LOOKBOOK

The patterns are fantastic and the interpretations of the designers always puts a smile on my face and inspire me in my own creative journey.

Till next time………….

  • all color quotations from our inspiration book – Ish by Peter H. Reynolds

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