Color-blocked Comfort…..

I am so glad to be here this week. It’s been a rough past couple of weeks full of loss but here I am and sewing always has the ability to put me in a better mood. Creating helps me process things too.  I am going to jump right in….

Here was my challenge:

Comfort Encapsulated – No one knows what 2021 will bring, so prepare to be comfortable no matter what happens! With the Project Lounge Library patterns as your paints, and fabric as your canvas, art will soon appear!

The very first thing that came to my mind for comfort was a jumper in soft terry fabric. Bella child loves a good jumper and would live in them if she cans. The patterns I picked was the Prose and poetry jogger pattern for the bottom and the Biography bomigan pattern for the top.

There were quite a bit of thinking and taking my time in assembling the jumpsuit but there were no major issues and both my daughter and myself is in love. I would love to have a version like this for myself. I already knew the fit of both the patterns which made things easier. I omitted the waistband of both the jacket and pants.

I added pockets where the fabric meets between the bottom and top part and used mint green fabric for the inside of the pockets. I added elastic on the inside of the middle, bronze grommets and a mint green shoelace for the string around the middle.

I added a zipper to the raglan shoulder seam with a folded over lining flap so the zipper’s teeth doesn’t bother her on the inside. the neck was finished with bias binding that was folded in and stitched around.

The color-blocking took some thinking so I cut and sewed part by part to make sure all my pink is on the one side and my mustard on the other.

The Jacket:

The jacket is a flip on the Story top pattern . Another favorite from the library lounge pattern collection. I used an active knit I had ordered way too much from and quilted the bodice pieces together with fleece and diamond top stitching.

The jacket is fully lined with a minty green knit on the inside. I split the story in the front and added a zipper. The hood is from the George hoodie and it worked out perfect.

A mint green shoelace is threaded through the bottom so she can cinch it in the waist if she wants to.

I love it when an idea I have in my head turn out just like I imagined. My favorite parts are the pop of mint everywhere. She can easily hang out at the house or out shopping . Style and Comfort all in one.

Now head on over to to go look at what Tami from SewSophieLynn created ( so comfortably beautiful ) and vote……….

Till next time……

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