Very peri Artbella

Joining in on Project Run and Play’s very Peri Pantone Party. If I am honest purple and all shades of it is just not our favorite color to wear but I love a good challenge to take something and make it our own. Our girl child is very into Steampunk so I knew if I can incorporate that into our theme she will be 100% into it. Peri is definitely not Steampunk colors but we tend to be eclectic so we put our own spin onto it.

I have been itching to sew both the Hols Dress Shirt pattern and Fete Slacks from the Project Run and Play pattern shop . Jen’s Patterns are always very well constructed and detailed and the items sewn from it fits really well. I rarely sew muslin because I know the fit well.

Can we talk about tween/teen sewing for a second?! My biggest challenge is finding not only fabric, color and a pattern that she will wear but also a pattern that will fit her ever changing body and helping her feel comfortable in what she wears. She loves to make a statement and doesn’t like mainstream fashion so we went for this lovely yellow flower Rayon challis for the shirt and lilac twill from the fabulous Raspberry Creek Fabrics shop who very generously sponsored this fabric for this party. Thank you so very much.

One thing Bella will wear with no fail right now is a button up dress shirt. It is more labor intensive than most patterns because you have collars, button holes and plackets but it is oh so worth it to have a well fitted dress shirt. The rayon challis makes for a very soft shirt that she is very comfortable in .

I changed up the frill next to button placket to a more circular frill instead of a pleated frill.

The pants is a very well fitted pants and we both love the high waist and back pockets.

And there you have it. A very Peri Artbella look . Thank you very much to Project Run and Play and Raspberry Creek fabrics for sponsoring the patterns and the fabric for this outfit.