“knot” a dress


UPDATE: This look made it to the Top Ten of Project Run and Play. MARCH -The Knot Dress Challenge. I am nr 1 in the Line-up.Please go VOTE


So I have made the switch from Blogger to WordPress for a few reasons. I really loved Blogger but I started to have problems with adding buttons without having to change a lot of things so hopefully that will be easier on WordPress. I am still figuring things out over here so be patient with me.

This month at Project Run and Play is Jessica from the Sewing Rabbit with her free Knot Dress Pattern. If you want to get it for free download it HERE . I am definitely planning to make it as is for Bella but because this is Project Run and Play I had to add a twist to it.


The Original Knot Dress from Jess has 5 knots total and so I ended up adding two knots to the shirt, two to the pants and one to the cape. It is still very much winter here but we have high hopes for spring soon – so I ended up making three pieces that can layered in between colder and warmer weather.

The Shirt:

I printed out the dress pattern and used both the front and back pieces to draw the top. I wanted the top fitted so I used the 3t pattern even though Isabella is in a 4T. I omitted the ties on the shoulders and added sleeves. I used the knot pattern to add a cuff and tie to the sleeves.In the back I omitted the tie ( Bella tends to not like clothes with big buttons or any ties in the back for when she sits down) and made a drop back.The fabric is knit from Art Gallery fabrics which I purchased in the Imagine Gnats shop

The Pants:

I drafted some knee-length pants and added ties just like the sleeves at the bottom with a wide panel and elastic in the back.The double gauze is from the Imagine Gnats shop.

The Cape:

After I finished the shirt and pants and ended up deciding that this outfit needs a little cape and  an internet search led me to  The Forest Path Cape from Oliver+S . How cute is that? They have an adult version and I just have to have that for the next fall and winter. This ended up being a bigger project than I anticipated but I love the result and the extra work was worth it. I used beige double gauze and teal chambray from The Imagine Gnats Shop . wanted to have a quilted effect so I topstitched all those squares with teal thread on the double gauze . I omitted the buttons in the front to add a tie and added a flap on the back with a button.  I decided that the cape needed pockets and added welt pockets with beautiful turquoise leather I had in my stash.


I made suspenders with one inch white elastic and some of the turquoise leather. ( somehow Isabella is always losing her skinny jeans so these might come in very handy.) I made the felt flower headband from  wool felt  I ordered from the Benzie design Shop.


In the summer she can just wear the pants and shirt and in the fall/winter she can just add the tights and cape. I love these colors and hope to build Bella’s summer wardrobe around it.collage

We took our spring pictures indoors…collage2


Before heading outdoors for our ” winter ” look…

collage5 collage4 IMG_2016

We  ended up having lots of fun exploring the wooded area behind our house. The snow was just deep enough to cover the ground but not too much that the kids disappeared in it. In the summer it is too overgrown and we only get to do it in the winter.

Here is one of  our goofy pics,

Till next time……


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22 thoughts on ““knot” a dress

  1. You are so good! I love this! This outfit is both stylish and fun :). And guess what, I just did a flower headband for my daughter too (it’s not for PRP), yours made of felt looks so pretty!


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